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Futures trading is among today's most highly leveraged yet potentially profitable financial pursuits.  It can also be one of the most frustrating.  Mastering the Hyper SnapBack Trading System is a short course for minimizing that frustration by learning the rules, discovering how to profit from those rules and consistently using futures market cycles to your advantage.

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Reach Your Goals By Applying Accountability & Discipline While Mastering Your Emotions!
                                             Be 96% Accurate! 

Successful trading or investing on the stock market requires maintaining a winning system, sound money management practices and the proper mental approach.  The gap between performance and consistent profitability persists.  Our mission is to empower traders by creating and providing the highest quality education available anywhere in the world.  Receive expert analysis regarding the Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell, etc., combined with direct one on one trading recommendations.  Learn to identify when others want “out” and why you may want “in” the trade.  Spot critical market turning points based on price action using chart patterns and Elliott Wave to capitalize on low risk and high reward strategies.

In today’s market technical indicators are not the money makers of the past.  History has shown when everyone is looking down, we know it’s time to start looking up. The Hyper SnapBack System will create a roadmap for you to know exactly when to buy or sell the market
  AHEAD of the big moves. You will learn to recognize one signal & one pattern to make repeat money.  Traditional technical analysis which is interpretive is not only unreliable but dangerous. The increase in high frequency trading is making it harder for the average retail trader.  That’s why this program is designed to anticipate market direction and momentum of price action and Fibonacci Price Waves. It will give you 2 to 4 minute predictive signals even when news meets, exceeds or misses expectations.

Regardless of your trading experience, we can teach you from the ground up or improve your current trading results.  Learn how to locate high probability areas of support and resistance in advance of your trades. Learn how to trade on all time frames and make money in all markets. The Hyper SnapBack System will show you the predictive institutional buy and sell times of algorithms with ease and how to filter intraday trading setups.  You’ll find yourself
enjoying trading futures Forex!  Emini-TradeSignals.com teaches you to trade signals/setups not the market.   

                                       Never be on the wrong side of a trade again! 


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